Time Trial headed for UK Cinemas!

Finlay Pretsell’s compelling documentary TIME TRIAL, following the final races of cyclist David Millar’s career, leading up to his last encounter with the Tour de France, will be released in UK cinemas on 29th June 2018. Praised by critics at festivals around the world including IDFA, Goteborg, SXSW and CPH:Dox, UK audiences will now be able to experience the highs and lows of competitive cycling as never before!




TIME TRIAL gives us an exhilarating and terrifying place in the race, providing an immersive experience as close to actually competing as you will ever see on film. David Millar, shrouded in darkness, declares an intention to rise again. A sensory ride through the thrill and hardship of professional cycling. We are hurtled off a hillside, details blurring like watercolours. The euphoria and the fatigue, the highs and the lows. It’s as if it were ourselves struggling through the bumpy roads of France. David bluntly and fearlessly narrates his last season in the saddle, intimate and immediate, along with the intricate relationships of cyclist, road crew, fellow competitors, manic fans, and the media circus surrounding it all.

Produced by Sonja Henrici of SDI Productions and executive produced by Iain Smith OBE (Mad Max Fury Road, The Fifth Element), with an original score by US composer Dan Deacon, TIME TRIAL gives a radical new insight in to the world of professional cycling and reveals how the human spirit is driven by a force deeper than success and glory.

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