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Press Release: Capture David Millar

Cycling Films and Scottish Documentary Institute are looking for budding volunteers to shoot, record and photograph pro cyclist David Millar during his last-ever races, in particular the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Called ‘Capture David’, this is a unique opportunity to collect images and upload them to an archive hosted by Cycling Films with the chance for the footage to be seen by David and to be included in the eagerly anticipated DAVID MILLAR PROJECT, a feature-length film directed by Finlay Pretsell.

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After filming one week at Tirreno–Adriatico in glorious sunshine, everyone was expecting rain for Milan–San Remo. We weather-proofed all our cameras. At least it was not going to be as cold and snowy as in 2013.

But riding seven hours in relentless rain turned out to be worse. Probably only half the peloton actually made it to the finish. David's rear camera didn't survive. Everyone got soaked to the bones.

Raw and unfiltered, here's a clip from Nathan Haas's bike during the breakaway:

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The Vision

FinlayPretsell_v2_240.pngA director's statement

I see cycling in a very different light. To me it is not sport, it is something abstract, physical, mysterious, brooding with intensity but at the same time very elegant.

I am a cyclist. In the past I raced all over Europe, I know the sport intimately. People often talk to me about it - who's going to win this race or that, how many miles have I ridden, what's my power output, what bike have I got? All of this detail does not excite me - they are tools, necessary but irrelevant. The physical and mental feeling of being on the bike, floating through the air, the meditation, but above all the filth and grit of the race, the strength required of mind and body, that is the fascination.

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Podcast: An Evening with David Millar


We officially kicked off the DAVID MILLAR PROJECT during a sold-out event with David Millar at the ICA in London. And what an evening of cycling, film and cocktails it was!

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First reactions

We have 'storified' some initial reactions to the announcement of the DAVID MILLAR PROJECT.

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