Press Release: Capture David Millar

Cycling Films and Scottish Documentary Institute are looking for budding volunteers to shoot, record and photograph pro cyclist David Millar during his last-ever races, in particular the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Called ‘Capture David’, this is a unique opportunity to collect images and upload them to an archive hosted by Cycling Films with the chance for the footage to be seen by David and to be included in the eagerly anticipated DAVID MILLAR PROJECT, a feature-length film directed by Finlay Pretsell.

Finlay Pretsell said:

We want footage shot by fans, of David and his fans. The people who will be at the start and finish line, the fans at the side of the road who will follow the race, paint the road, carry David Millar banners... All footage and stills will be reviewed by us with a chance to be seen by David, displayed on our social media channels, and even make it into the finished film.

David Millar said:

My last year as a pro cyclist is very important to me for many obvious reasons. One not so obvious is that it involves the making of a film I've been dreaming of making with Finlay Pretsell for many years. Finlay made Standing Start, I watched it 12 times straight when I first discovered it. It took me that long to work out why I was so entranced by it. He'd achieved something nobody had ever done before when filming cycling; he'd captured the racer's mind and sensations. That discovery triggered a meeting with Finlay where we discussed our love of cycling and film. That was over six years ago. Since then we've been working and planning on creating something nobody has ever seen, a film about being a pro cyclist. A visceral experience rather than a fly-on-the-wall cliché.

In the spirit of ‘guerilla filmmaking’, this combination of fan footage, interviews and glimpses behind the scenes will all help build a memento of David’s last-ever races.

Fans are also encouraged to submit old stills and footage from David’s career. Produced by Cycling Films and Scottish Documentary Institute, the filmmakers have been shooting extensively with David during his final year.

This page has been updated from an earlier version that referred to Millar's participation in the Tour de France which was surprisingly cancelled at the last minute.

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