Standing Start DVD

A film by Adrian McDowall and Finlay Pretsell. 
Featuring World Track cyclist Craig MacLean.



A limited run of this unique collectors' item: a Special Edition DVD (PAL, 12'30") with three distinctive postcards in a specially designed hardcover case. Design by Calum McKenzie and Joakim Karlsson.

“I watched STANDING START 12 times straight when I first discovered it. It took me that long to work out why I was so entranced by it. They had achieved something nobody had ever done before when filming cycling; captured the racer's mind and sensations.”
David Millar

“Totally captured the feeling and atmosphere of the pre-race build up… I got goose bumps watching.”
Chris Hoy


You can now order your copy through AMAZON by clicking here. It will be posted from Scotland on the next working day. 

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