Our World Premiere - Reactions and Highlights

We're still processing our World Premiere which took place in front of sell out crowds across five screenings in Amsterdam last week. Having the crowd flinch and laugh at just the right places made us dance inside. Having many of our crew, family, colleagues, supporters and funders there was especially sweet. Having the legendary filmmaker and TDF commentator Jørgen Leth sat next to David during the film and praise it afterwards on stage as a "masterpiece," was mind-blowing. 

We've been lucky enough to have quite a bit of press in the run up to the Premiere and since, here's a quick round-up of all things Time Trial at IDFA 2017! 


(Note: some of these items are in Dutch)

We were delighted to have the prestigious Variety magazine invite our Director, Finlay Pretsell, to be interviewed whilst at the festival. 

Time Trial finds [Millar] facing a self-imposed cut-off point, giving himself just 18 more months in which to go out in a blaze of glory. But, as this immersive and surprisingly intimate film shows, life had other plans. 

- Damon Wise, IDFA: ‘Time Trial’ Director Finlay Pretsell On Working With Tour De France Cyclist David Millar, Variety

Check out the full chat with Finlay.


In the run up to the festival pro-cyclist, Thomas Dekker, who features in some of the most memorable scenes in the film, appeared on the popular Dutch TV chatshow Pauw to discuss Time Trial and his own career.

Check out the clip here:


The IDFA Daily is distributed to all IDFA venues throughout Amsterdam city centre and online. Time Trial featured in several editions and we had a wonderful full page colour advertisement before the Premiere. 

Pretsell may not have competed in the Tour de France but his remarkable new documentary Time Trial sees him get as close to the race as any non-competitor can.

- Geoffrey McNab, Time Trial: A Meditation on Cycling, IDFA Daily 2017 #1

You can read that article in full HERE and, while you're over there, another focussing on David's relationship with the fashion designer Paul Smith.



The wonderful audience for our World Premiere in the Royal Theatre Carré.


The big news of our international sales rights going to Autlook broke in the days leading up to Premiere. Industry fixture Screen Daily reported the news.


Dutch publication Dagblad van het Noorden published one of our first reviews and we have been informed by our Dutch friends that it's good! 

The film, which gets stronger and stronger as it continues, shows the raw reality of cycling, stripped of every romance that we lovers of the sport wrap around it. (Translated from Dutch)

- Eric Nederkoorn, IDFA-recensie: Het slopende laatste jaar van wielrenner David Millar, Dagblad van het Noorden

Read the review in full.


On top of all this great press attention we've had a lovely response from the IDFA audience, here's a collection of the responses from the Twittersphere...

Finally, David's ever responsive fans and followers have been all over social media! Check out the numbers on this selfie from the big day!




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