Time Trial at Picturehouse Central + Q&A

Join us for our run at Picturehouse Central!

The run will include a Q&A with David Millar and director Finlay Pretsell on the 29th!


Fri 29th June - 18:30 - Q&A Screening

Sat 30th June - 18:00  

Sun 1st July - 18:30 

Mon 2nd July - 17:00 

Tues 3rd July - 15:55 

Weds 4th July - 14:15 // 21:10

Thurs 5th July - 14:40 

Fri 6th July - 16:40 // 21:25

Sat 7th July - 16:05

Sun 8th July - 16:15 // 21:05

Mon 9th July - 20:35

Tues 10th July - 14:50

Weds 11th July - 16:00

Thurs 12th July - 16:30

Could you bring a group to this screening? Maybe your cycling club? Then contact us HERE

Friday, 29 June 2018 - Thursday, 12 July 2018
Picturehouse Central
London W1D 7DH
United Kingdom
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£16.50 GBP
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